Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sascha Baron Cohen


So this is comedy?

Lets be real for a minute here. All the talk of Borat being a satirical social commentary for our times is mostly bullshit. Cohen's "comedy" is mostly self rightous and juvenile, but worse than that its predictable.

Cohen style comedy is four simple steps.

1. Adopt a funny accent and haircut.

2. Find the most unsuspecting person in the area and cajole or confuse them into saying something stupid.

3. Be offessive and/or Anti-semtic (which he gets away with because he's jewish)

4. Appear half naked.

Making stupid people look idiots isn't comedy. Wrestling a fat hairy naked guy while wearing a thong hasn't been funny since I was 12, and repeating the same routines with a different hairstyle and accent does not a movie make. Try a little harder.


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